My Shed Plans Review – Are These 12,000 Shed Plans Unique?

My Shed Plans Review – Are These 12,000 Shed Plans Unique?

Hello, Shed PlanIf you are tired of all those useless and fake reviews on Ryan’s My Shed Plans and now you want to find out real truth about this shed plan then you have reached to the right place.

I am sure you are already familiar with Ryan’s Shed Plans and it is also possible that you have also watched countless testimonials on Youtube. But let me tell you, more than 90% of these testimonials are from people who don’t even create one project from it.

I have created quite a few woodworking projects and share my tips with my fans on Facebook page. Many people asked me about Ryan’s Shed Plans on my Facebook page so I decided to give my unbiased and honest review that will help my readers to make informed and intelligent final buying decision.

In this review I have revealed each and every thing that I discover in this shed plan (including pros and cons) and I hope my review will clear your all doubts.

Let’s start this review

What is Included in Ryan’s Shed Plans?

  1. 12,000 Shed Plans with step-by-step instructions and clear pictures
  2. Advanced Woodworking Tips that are used by professional woodworkers to make their project attractive
  3. Magic Modification guide that provide tricks on how to modify your shed plans according to available space
  4. Up-to-date directory of suppliers that you can use to find where to get quality woods and tools at cheap price
  5. Guide with 400 Woodworking projects with clear pictures and diagrams

Brief Overview of My Shed Plans And Its Highlighted Features:

Ryan's My Shed PlansThis is the collection of 12,000 shed plans created by Ryan Henderson for all those people who want to save their money by creating their own shed. In this plan Ryan has shared step-by-step blueprint along with clear pictures and diagram that make easy for anyone to utilize them. Additionally, Ryan has also shared the list of material with every shed plan which will save money and time both.

This shed plan is not only for beginner instead experts and professionals woodworkers can also take help from Ryan’s Shed Plan as it contains useful tips and tricks that will improve existing sheds and attract people and customers both.

Ryan Henderson is the professional craftsman that has more than 20 years of experience in woodworking. Ryan has shared his every technique inside this plan that he used to create wooden sheds.

This plan is laid in so simple way you can start building your shed within weeks doesn’t matter if you never create any woodworking project before or you failed in past. Here are some features that make Ryan’s shed plan different from its competitors:

  • 12,000 shed plans covering from smaller ones to large ones.
  • Complete list of materials and tools with EVERY project
  • 3D CAD images that will give you idea of how your project will going to look
  • Advanced tips and techniques used by professionals in creating shed plans
  • Clear and detailed pictures from all angels included with every project
  • Worksheet that show you how to modify any shed plan according to available space
  • And much more…

Do You Really Need Ryan’s Shed Plans?

It totally depends on you!!

You DON’T need Ryan’s My Shed Plans if you think you are experienced enough to create your own shed plan without any plan and you already created 2-3 shed houses with ease


You still DON’T need Ryan’s Shed plan if you don’t mind in going home depot (may be 2-3 times) and pay their employee to fix holes in the project you are working in.


You DO need Ryan’s shed plan if you love building and want access to thousands of shed plan that will save your money and time. You are prime candidate if you want to create shed plan with your own hands and save hundreds of dollars and time.

Additionally, Ryan is also offering ‘No Question Asked’ 60-days money back guarantee and in case if you don’t like it then you can return it and get your money back. I recommend you to give a try to Ryan’s Shed Plan because I am satisfied with this plan and I hope you will be also satisfy once you get it.

Strong Points

  • Big collection of 12,000 shed plans along with step-by-step blueprint and clear pictures and diagram
  • 3D images that give view on how shed plan will going to look once it complete
  • Provide 400 woodworking plans that are divided into different categories
  • Complete materials and cuttings list with every project that saves money on buying extra items
  • Lifetime Customer Support that you can use to ask any question regarding woodworking
  • Full 60-days “No Question Asked” Money Back guarantee

 Weak Points:

The projects is laid out in such a style that it needs time to figure out which plan is best suited according to the requirements and resources available. Additionally, all plans are not laid in same way and there is no way to sort out which plan is actually for beginner and which ones are for expert level.

There are no videos and everything is laid in PDF files. I feel videos save a lot of time but I know some people don’t agree with it.

Final Verdict – Do I Recommend Ryan’s Shed Plans?

As with any other plan of this type, Ryan’s shed plans contain some positive points and some negative points. However, it is important for everyone to understand that Ryan has provided material that is worth more than its product cost.

Overall, I give my thumbs up and recommend Ryan’s My Shed Plans to everyone who likes woodworking and looking for step-by-step guidelines on creating shed. Don’t forget Ryan offers 60-days money back guarantee that provide much needed relieve and there is absolutely no risk in testing it out. Give it a try and let me know your results.

Give a Try To My Shed Plans and Start Your Dream Project Today

Some Woodworking Resources:

Woodworkers Supply & Tools at The Home Depot

Woodworking Plans – Wood Magazine

Free woodworking plans – CMU

VO Genesis Review – Can You Make Extra Income From This Program?

VO Genesis Review – Can You Make Extra Income From This Program?

Hello everyone, I am hear once again with my detailed review on Jenny’s VO Genesis.

Voice Over StudioIf you have spent some time on internet then you surely know there are many ways to make money online. The problem is not every method is legit and in fact most of these methods are scam. Some methods work initially but later they are exploit by scammers and they doesn’t work anymore.

If you are looking for way to make some extra income then take my advice and work on method that is new and isn’t exploit by scammers.

One of such method is taking advantage from voice-over industry. The problem is voice-over industry is so underrated that many people don’t know they can make thousands of dollars every month by becoming professional voice-over star. Known celebrities like Meg Ryan, Amanda Bynes, Late Robin Williams and many more make thousands of dollars with voice-over.

If you also want to make some steady and full-time income with voice-over then you can take help from VO Genesis (short for Voice Over Genesis).

Many people emailed me and messaged me in my Facebook asking if they really need VO Genesis to make money? So I decide to join this program and now I am back after 4 months to write my detailed and honest review.

Let’s start talking about it…

What is VO Genesis?

VO GenesisVO Genesis is the interesting and new way to make money online released by Jenny Lewis for all those men and women who want to refine their voice-over skills and get extra income by providing voice-over gigs and services. In this program Jenny laid out extra step-by-step blueprint that she used to make over $8000 in a month by working only few hours a day.

Jenny has created this system in such a way that you can start making money from your voice in just few weeks. Additionally, if you have dream to become popular rockstar then Jenny has laid every step that will make you popular in voice-over industry.

The great thing is voice-over business is untapped and very little people know about this. Once you get complete steps on how to make money from this voice-over industry it will become much easy and fun for you to make money right from your home. And you can use this system even if you think you have weird voice or have very little confidence.

Inside this program, you will discover:

  • Detailed steps on how to start making money in voice-over industry even if you don’t have any confidence or contacts
  • List of high-paying websites where you can easily find voice-over projects without cutting your charges.
  • Tricks and Techniques to make your voice perfect for voice-over
  • Steps on how to become popular in voice-over industry and start your own 6-7 figure voice-over agency

How Does VO Genesis Work?

In simple words, this program works in three steps

1st Step: Join The VOGenesis Program (By Paying $40):

Getting start with this program is very easy as all you have to do is to enter name and email (where you get program details) and pay $40.

See this $40 is important as Jenny have to cover the cost of website hosting and maintenance. Additionally, this $40 is protected with 60-days money back guarantee so this means that you have full 60-days to test this program without any risk.

2nd Step: Download The Guide:

Once you pay the initial fees you will get option to pay for other upsell items that are completely optional. I decided to ignore these offers but one offer grabs my attention that was VOGenesis Elite in which Jenny has shared the name of websites where she gets high-paying project for voice-over.

Once you ignore these offers you will get access to download page (if you don’t get download/thank out page check your email) where you can download the guide.

3rd Step: Voice-Over Training:

If you are newbie to voice-over then it is possible you don’t have confidence to speak on microphone. For this reason you will get list of websites in which you can refine your voice-over skills.

Just to tell you the sites that Jenny suggested in this guide demands lot of training.

4th Step: Google Voice-Over Jobs:

Without VOGenesis Elite you have to find voice-over jobs by yourself. The best way to find voice-over jobs is by using Google. You can also start selling your voice-over gigs in Fiverr (or similar platform that don’t put $5 restriction).

Another great way that I used personally is Freelancing sites like eLance, Odesk and Guru. There is ton of voice-over jobs available in these freelancing website. Craigslist is also another great place where you can promote your voice-over service.

Vo Genesis review

Things That I Liked About VOG:

First of all, I like the list of websites that they provide to refine voice-over skills. Some of these websites are really helpful and help you gain confidence that is essential for voice-over videos.

Secondly, I like their advice in which they state that people will need website to brand themselves. I know many people who are making thousands of dollars from their voice-over videos but they are not branding themselves which is big mistake. By branding you will open up opportunities for more business.

Thirdly, they provide list of websites that offers voice-over jobs (of course of additional money). By having website there will be no guessing work required from your side.

Things That I Don’t Like:

First of all, VO sends many upsells that really frustrated me.  I think getting start is easy as they claim but it is not as I have to click ‘No-thanks’ many times.

Secondly, one of the website that they recommend for training doesn’t work anymore and it is for sale now. Maybe they update their list when you get your copy of VO Genesis.

Final Verdict:

As with any other program, VO Genesis contains some strong points and some weak points. But strong points clearly outrank weak points. So my recommendation is to give a try to this program and see if you can make some money from it or not. Don’t worry as you have full 60-days to test this program.

In the end I would like to say VO Genesis is the perfect solution for all those men and women who want to make extra income from their home. This is also the solution for those people who are tired of filling low paying survey or any other useless money making schemes.

Complete Review on Teds Woodworking

Complete Review on Teds Woodworking

Hello, in this page I am going to share my honest review on Teds Woodworking.

Many people feel woodworking is difficult and for this reason they have to pay thousands of dollars for small woodworking projects.

Simple Woodworking ProjectUndoubtedly, there are thousands of websites and magazines available online that offer free woodworking projects. But, most of these FREE woodworking projects are create by unprofessional carpenters that often miss out certain important information or provide unclear pictures.

If you want to save your money by creating woodworking projects then you have to purchase PREMIUM woodworking plan.

In the list of PREMIUM woodworking plans Teds Woodworking is in the top. I am saying this because Ted McGrath’s Woodworking Plan received #1 Readers Choice award from The Woodworking Association.

I know you already heard about Teds plan and it also possible you have already watched sales video but, you can’t able to decide if it is legit or it is scam. This is why I decided to write down by honest review that will remove all confusion from your mind and you able to take your final buying decision.

Let’s start this review by looking what is included in this Woodworking Project:

What Is Included In Teds Woodworking?

  1. Lifetime access to 16,000 Woodworking Plans
  2. 200-Pages guide which is full of latest woodworking tricks, tips and techniques (this is design to save your money and time as well)
  3. 150 Premium Woodworking videos in which Ted McGrath will show you how he created woodworking project with very minimum tools
  4. FREE DWG CAD Software to view, edit, modify or create your own project even before starting your woodworking plan
  5. Detailed eBook on how you can start your own woodworking business
  6. Lifetime Email support

Now let’s take a deep look into this woodworking project

What is Teds Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking PlanTeds Woodworking is the collection of over 16,000 woodworking plan created by Ted McGrath for all those people who want to create different furniture items without wasting money and time. In this woodworking plan, Ted McGrath provided detailed step-by-step instructions with clear pictures and diagram that makes easy for any individual to use them in his any woodworking project.

Inside this woodworking plan you will not only find guidelines on how to create your craft instead you will also find out tips and technique that will improve your woodworking skills. In other words, Teds has shared tips and techniques that use by professionals in their woodworking projects.

Additionally, you will also find out techniques about how to beautify your existing furniture items in your home so you will able to attract different people and especially customers. Teds has designed this woodworking plan for beginners and experts both. Beginners will learn how to save money on buying materials for woodworking while experts will find techniques on how to beautify their project to attract more customers.

Ted’s has provided clear pictures and diagram for every woodworking project that make easy for you to understand it. Even more Ted has provided pictures for the length and width of many woodworking plans so you will get clear idea before starting your woodworking project.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make simple chair or complex L-shaped computer table you will find instructions for every woodworking plan inside Ted’s Woodworking plan.

There are many people who are making great profit by selling their wood items and if you also want to make money then Ted has provided complete steps on sell your wood items inside his free bonus guide called “Start Your Own Woodworking Business”

All in all, I can say this is the complete woodworking plan that not only helps you to start creating your own woodworking project but also able you to become professional woodworker by selling your wood items to different customer and earn project.

Who is Teds McGrath? Can We Trust Him?

Ted McGrath photoWhenever any individual heard about Teds Woodworking the first question that he gets in his mind is, who is Ted McGrath? Is he creditable? Is he one I can trust? If you are also getting these questions then don’t worry I was also in your situation. I decided to dig deep about Ted McGrath and here is what I found about him.

Ted McGrath is the real person who lives in Lowa and he appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines including The Entrepreneur and USA Today. Additionally, Ted is the well known member of AWI (reputed institution that established 10 years ago to provide platform where woodworkers come together and share their views and knowledge)

In short, I can say on bases of all Ted’s credentials, he is expert in woodworking business and knows his niche really well.

Things That I like about Ted’s Product:

  • Huge list of various types of woodworking plans with detailed instructions, step-by-step guidelines and clear pictures and diagram
  • Advanced search features that helps in finding woodworking project easily
  • 16,000 Woodworking projects are divided into different category that saves lot of time
  • Free Download of 3D Modeling Software
  • Free DWG CAD file viewer for easily viewing of woodworking projects
  • Techniques on improving existing furniture
  • Complete steps on starting woodworking business and making profit
  • List of materials for every project that saves money and time as well
  • Lifetime customer support
  • 60-days money back guarantee

Things That I Don’t Like:

There is no ranking system in these projects and it is difficult to figure out which plan is for beginners and which plan is for experts.

Additionally, there is lack of videos that provide tips to experts. But I feel Teds will update it soon.

Truly speaking, I know these are not negative points. It is very hard for me to point out against anything because Ted has laid out everything in user friendly way that make easy for anyone to follow i. I personally feel Ted has offered a lot into his program.


Overall, I am very much satisfied with Teds Woodworking Plan as there are many woodworking plans along with step-by-step blueprint and material list. Additionally, the pictures and diagram that Ted has used are clear and up to the point. It is very much useful for almost every level of woodworker. I give my thumbs up to this product. If you are interested in purchasing this woodworking plan then I want to disclose that I will get small commission. As I am satisfied with this plan that is why I hope you will be also satisfy with this plan.

Woodworking Video:

If you are looking for woodworking video here’s my friend video on some basic woodworking plans

Can Make Him Desire You Helps You In Improving Your Dating Skills?

Can Make Him Desire You Helps You In Improving Your Dating Skills?

DatingHello I am Linda Robert and I created this website to write down my unbiased review on Alex Carter’s Make Him Desire You.

Before reaching to this website, probably you heard the name of this dating guide around the internet and may be you read review regarding this program from different website but still there are still some questions in your mind that are unanswered.

This is because many people don’t read the guide before reading their review that’s why they left out critical information about the product.


Don’t worry in this website you are going to read my unbiased review because I have not only downloaded this program but also applied it practically and now I am in position from where I can show you right guidance regarding this program.

Before starting my review I would like to tell one more thing that after reading this review I hope your all questions regarding this program will disappear but if you still have questions (no matter how small it is) send me using contact us page of this website. I will try my best to answer your all questions as soon as possible.

And if you are looking for Alex Carter video presentation then you can visit his official website. This is review website where you can read my personal unbiased and uncensored review.

Ok let’s start…

What is Make Him Desire You?

make him desire you bookIt is dating guide for women created by Alex Carter in which women will learn how to improve their relationship by understanding men in better way. It is 174 pages guide which is jam-pack with quality information and tips about improving relationship with men at any stage.

There are lots of dating programs that are available on the internet but they are mostly focuses on both the sexes. We all know men and women are completely different that is why Alex Carter created dating program especially for women who want to improve their attraction skills and want to make her boyfriend or husband to remain committed for long term.

Alex Carter designed this guide in such a way that it works for women at every stage. Either you want to get Mr. Right or want to improve your relationship with your dream man this guide will help you.

Here is short-video that will explain more about this program:


Who is Alex Carter?

Alex Carter is very famous relationship and dating expert that is helping men and women in improving their attraction skills. Alex previously released few dating programs focus only on men but this time he created dating program specifically for women.

Alex owns a relationship and dating blog in which he shares lots of dating tips for men and women on daily basis. And he also made lots of appearance on different TV shows.

Detailed Information:

Here is the screenshot of Make Him Desire You Index Page


click to enlarge

Here is what you are going to learn inside Make Him Desire You:

Section 1 – Emotions are Everything: There are lots of men and women that think emotions are only for women which is not completely true. Men control their emotions but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any emotions. If any girl triggers right emotions into man’s mind then he can even go bankrupt to make her girl pleased.

Section 2 – The Emotional Attraction Scale – In this section Alex created an attraction scale from 1 to 10 which able you to understand what level of attraction you have in your relationship. This attraction scale is the foundation of any relationship and helps you in taking your relationship to the next level.

Section 3 – The Investment Mechanism – In this chapter Alex explains simple rule of investment in your man to increase the attraction. You will find tips and techniques about how to keep investment in the relationship at equal level to increase attraction of your man.

Section 4 – The Value Concept – In this section you are going to discover three simple factors that will determine your value in the relationship. No it is not able how your boyfriend or husband treating you instead it is about how you treating yourself in the relationship.

Section 5 – Emotional Tune up Method: This is the single method that will increase the attraction in your relationship. According to this method you will learn why men like to win the competition and how to keep yourself little mysterious to keep him chasing you.

Section 6 – How to Hit the Sweet Spot of Desire: If you chase too much for a guy then you will become needy but if you show too much uninterested then he will feel overwhelmed that is why in this chapter you learn how to equal the chase and keep interest in your relationship.

Section 7 – How to Read His Mind: This chapter revealed most confusing topic of every relationship and that is how to read man’s mind. Alex also shared techniques that will give you access to his mind.

Section 8 – Men Have a Small Emotion Tank – In this chapter you will discover how emotions works in men world and how men deals with these emotions

Section 9 – How Communication Works For a Men – This chapter covers how communication works in men world and how to fill communication gap in the relationship to keep his interest in you and your relationship.

relationshipSection 10 – How to Make Him Do Anything – In this chapter you will discover few words that will make your man to do anything for you.

Section 11 – Capture His Heart by Revealing Your Imperfections: Yes, that’s right in this chapter you will discover how to capture your man’s heart by revealing your imperfections.

Section 12 – What do I get If I Give You a Ring? – Many men think creating relationship mean say good-bye to freedom that’s why in this chapter Alex describe three ways that will bring your man closer to you and he will try to propose you and marry you.

Section 13 – What to do if He Leaves for Someone Else? – Well this chapter created for all those girls that want to get their boyfriend after breakup. This chapter covers steps that will bring ex boyfriend crawling back in his knees.



After reading Make Him Desire You, I must say Alex truly did great work in creating a dating and relationship program that revealed some valuable tips and techniques that are not available anywhere else. I recommend this guide to every girl that want to increase their attraction skills and want to improve their relationship with the men.


Watch this video for more info

Looking for the official website of this program?Visit Here